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Internal Dialog

30 Nov


On a cool night while their human was settling down for sleep, the heart struck up a conversation with the stomach.

“That fucking brain. I´m tired of him telling me what to do”

“Although I agree with you, don´t you feel expressing it so loudly is a little brash?” whispered the stomach.

“He´s almost asleep. He has little control right now……except over us, still” lamented the stomach.

“You´re right. I´m also so tired of his problems giving us problems. I´ve got a little hole burning in me, because of him!” the stomach complained.

“Tell me about it. He makes me work overtime. And sometimes, we ain´t even moving! He´s just thinking shit and it makes me speed up” the heart said.

“Yup! That´s why I got damn burning hole” the stomach said.

The heart and stomach felt some painful pulses in their nerve endings. “You two pussies complaining, again?” the brain asked.

“No, sir. Just slowing down to put him to sleep, like your orders say” the heart said.

“Me too” replied the stomach.

“Hey, I got a lot of shit on me, if you only knew… Cut me some slack, all right?” the brain said.

“Sure thing, boss” the heart said.

“Yeah” said the stomach.

“Fucking prick” the heart murmured.

“What did you say???” the brain asked, enraged.

“Nothin’, I said nothin’” the heart said with a little fear in his voice. He didn´t mean for his comment to come out so loud.

“What´d you go and do, heart?” the stomach said with panic in his voice.

“You have no idea how much I work up here, how much shit I have to put up with. This guy we reside in is out of his fucking mind! Now I got you two up my ass. I can´t take it”

At that moment the stomach felt himself convulse. Even the intestines were trembling. The heart seized. The lungs were gasping. The bowels couldn´t take it anymore and lost their grip. Nerves were lighting up like a Christmas tree.

“Fuuuuuuuck this” the brain screamed.

“Noooooo!” the heart cried with its last bit of energy before it  stopped beating all together.

*      *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The next morning the cleaning lady let herself in. She searched the usual places for her employer, but to no avail. She knocked on the bedroom door. No answer. “What´s that smell” she thought as she wrinkled her nose.

She cracked open the door. She was taken aback. Her boss was lying dead in a mess of his own excrement. There was something quite curious about the scene. It was the first time in all the years she had worked for him that she saw him smile.