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Unwanted Wants Pt. V (Final Chapter)

14 Dec

If you haven´t already, please read Part I


crazy woman

Sitting on a park bench with a beer stealthfully concealed in a paper bag, Sean passed a joint to Justin, “How we gonna play this?” he asked.

“I don´t know. She ain´t biting. How about we take the money and run?”

“That´s what I was thinking. That Amanda bitch is loaded. I saw her house. I thinking ten large and we call it a day” Sean said.

“Ten? I was thinking five. You think she´ll go for ten?”

“Hell yeah! She dropped a grand on that cable box I hooked up. People never pay more than five hundred. I said ‘a thousand’ and she was like ‘ok’” Sean continued “Ten G´s to these people ain´t like 10 G´s to us”

“Ok. Good. Let´s set this up” Justin said.

*           *          *          *          *          *

Sean nervously sipped on a bottle of water as Amanda stirred a fifteen dollar, diabetes inducing iced coffee.

“So, how much?” Amanda asked.

Sean hesitated, then asserted “Ten thousand dollars and I guarantee your problem is over”

“Ok” Amanda said, relieved. She thought it was going to cost a lot more. Sean perceived her relief and immediately regretted not asking for more. Amanda continued “One thing, Suzy insists on being present. Not by your side or anything. She´ll be hiding somewhere. Watching”

Sean choked on his water. “Why? It could get ugly. I don´t want anyone to get hurt” he lied.

“Something about her stupid therapist telling her it will give her closure to see it”

Sean´s mind raced. All he could think of saying was “Ok”

*          *          *          *          *          *

Sean and Justin rehearsed their routine a thousand times. Only yelling, no violence. That´s how it was going to go down. They both agreed to go into this drug free, as well. This was going to be professional. They were going to earn this money. They wanted so badly to deserve it.

*          *         *         *          *          *

The day came. Suzy told Sean exactly where it was to take place. There was a little park, close to the apartment, where Justin goes to smoke a joint every week night. She was going to sit in a parked car. She didn´t tell Sean, but she was concealing a five inch blade that she bought at a head shop the day before. It was for her protection if things got out of hand.

Suzy sat in the car as Sean approached Justin. Suzy figured Justin must be high already because he was not smoking at the moment. She saw some small talk, then wild hand gestures. Then they started to yell at each other. Suzy was rooting for Sean but a boiling rage washed over her.

Consciously she thought her rage was aimed at Justin but it really was at herself and all of the other guys like Justin. She felt electricity run through her body. She was trembling. She felt for the knife. It was there.

The next thing she knew she was walking towards them, knife in hand, blade exposed. Midway to them she realized she would be easily over powered by Justin. She decided to sneak up from behind.

As she came out from a bush behind the bench Sean screamed “What the fuck, Suzy?”

Justin turned around in time to see the knife plunge deep into his neck. Suzy wailed. She took it out and stuck it right back in. This time it was lodged. She couldn´t pull it out. She momentarily snapped out of her trance “What am I doing?” she said to nobody in particular.

“Get the fuck out of here, Suzy” Sean cried “We´ll touch bases later” he said, barely audible due to how much ground he had covered in his retreat from the scene.

Suzy stood over Justin. He was gurgling blood and gasping for air. She bent over and kissed his bloody lips.

“Good bye Justin” she said, emotionless. “There will be no more Justins”

The Tree

9 Nov



“If this tree could talk, it´d have a lot of tales to tell” Bill said as his drew the last drag of his cigarette and threw it on the ground.

“You better hope to hell this tree never gets to talking, Bill. A lot of people’s lives would be wrecked” Samuel said.

“Sure would” Bill agreed.

As the two men starting walking towards the barn with a stringer of freshly gutted trout, a strong smell of rain filled the air and gusts started blowing in.

“It´s gunna storm, Bill” Samuel said.

“Yup” Bill said.

Later that night as Bill tossed around in bed, his wife Janice sat by the window watching the lighting. The strikes were getting increasingly closer to the house and Janice became uncomfortable. She even thought of waking Bill but she thought better of it. It would be wiser to wake a hibernating bear in spring.

Her gaze was pulled to the tree where Bill and Samuel were cleaning their catch earlier that day. A flash of lightening momentarily blinded her but when her vision came to she saw a man hanging from the tree by a rope around his neck. She screamed.

“What the f…..” Bill started to say.

Janice cut in “There is a man hanging in the tree. He´s there, I see him”

Bill jumped to the window to take a look. “There ain´t nobody near that tree! You been drinking Pap´s moonshine?”

To her surprise, there was nothing there. “My eyes must be playing tricks on me” she said even though  she did not believe her own words.

“Yeah, get some sleep. There´s lots of work to do tomorrow” Bill said.

A few months went by and not a day passed that Janice did not think of the man she saw hanging from the tree. She would try to push the image out of her head but it would force its way back in. She found herself pulled to the tree numerous times per day. There were times when she would seem to wake up from a groggy day dream and there she was, under the tree. She would not even remember how she got there in the first place.

Her obsession with the tree grew to the point where she was not sleeping. She would sit in the wooden chair and stare at the tree all night long and go through the day exhausted and taking cat naps whenever she could. Bill noticed drastic changes in Janice and grew worried. He was not worried with her well being. He was worried she would start snooping around and start uncovering a dark past.

Janice slowly unraveled to the point that she was drinking heavily again. Bill saw this as an opportunity. He could use her drinking as a motive to get rid of her. Janice started taking to cutting her arms and that´s when Bill pounced. He had her committed. He exaggerated the situation and told the doctors that Janice was threatening to kill herself on a daily basis. That was enough to get her committed.

Due to bad behavior, Janice found herself mostly in solitary confinement at the hospital. She spent most of her days either staring out the window and mumbling incoherently about some tree or sleeping deeply under the influence of strong medicines.

Bill took a chainsaw to the tree. He started to feel guilty for having Janice locked up. He focused his guilt onto the tree and freed himself of both the guilt and the tree in one afternoon.

A few years went by and not once did Bill visit Janice. He got word that she passed away in the hospital. His girlfriend of a few months had moved in. She had tried to plant a rose garden on the spot where the tree had once casted it´s shadow. Nothing would ever take. It was as if it was a dead zone.