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Killing My Reflection

2 Aug

As I sat by the river with my feet dangling in the water, I saw my own reflection.

It winked at me.

I hadn´t moved a muscle yet my reflection winked at me.

Then it started to say something to me. I saw my reflection’s mouth move.

A soggy unnatural voice came from the bottom of this particularly slow moving body of water.

It was telling me the names of people I wanted to kill.

It was saying names of people I didn´t even know I disliked, until the moment they were uttered.

I knew I had to do something. I thought for about one second and I grabbed a handful of rocks.

The only victim of my murderous rage that day was my own reflection.

Over and over again.

Protect ya neck

29 Jul

“ALL I want is five more minutes” he pleaded.

He was not granted these five minutes.

One might ask why he wasn’t granted these five minutes.

He’s a nice guy. Cordial to strangers. Never killed anybody,

intentionally. Why couldn’t he have

the five minutes he asked for?

Because those five little minutes would have killed him

for he was hanging from a rope…

around his fucking neck!