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The dog and the skunk

6 Aug

dog and skunk


A dog was walking through a forest one day and he came upon a skunk. They both froze. They stared at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Unfortunately for the dog, the skunk make the first move. It bit a large chunk of flesh from the dog’s face.

The dog quickly retreated and the skunk slowly plodded away. The dog was in agonizing pain. He could not see out of his right eye and no air was passing through his blood-caked nose. As he wandered whimperinly he fell into a pond. He felt relieved as the water washed away the dried blood and he was able to breathe through his nose again.

All of a sudden, he heard a loud noise. He jumped out of the pond to find that half of the forest was on fire. The crackling fire rapidly encroached upon him. He ran. He ran so fast that he had little control of his direction. He was still blind in one eye and was fumbling; trying to make do with the eye that worked. Then he heard a horrible scream.

An ungodly sound was coming from the edge of the fire. The dog looked back and saw a small figure writhing under a fallen branch. The dog went back to offer assistance. It was the skunk. The animal’s fur was singed by the unrelenting flames.

The dog nudged the scalding branch off the skunk with his injured face. He whimpered in pain. Then, he grabbed the skunk by the scruff of the neck and ran with the animal in his mouth. The dog ran and ran as the skunk passed in and out of consciousness.

When the dog got to a point where he sensed that the fire was no longer an immediate threat, he laid down and gently placed the wounded skunk on a pile of soft leaves. Hours passed as the dog waited alongside the skunk waiting patiently for it to recover. Finally, the skunk came to.

When the skunk regained full consciousness, he sensed the presence of the dog. It froze. The dog froze. Then all of a sudden, the skunk lunged at the dog, took a chunk out of the other side of the dog’s face and darted into the woods. Now the dog was blind in both eyes.



One expensive cup of lemonade

5 Aug

While driving down the street, he was very unsure of what direction to take. He loved to make left turns, but this time he felt a right hand turn would be appropriate. He made his right turn and it felt great.

As he continued down the road, he saw something ahead that compelled him to stop. A young girl was serving lemonade. He came to a stop and got out of his car. He asked the young lady how much for a cup of her lemonade.

She replied, “$375.”

He initially thought the price asked was steep but she was so cute he felt obliged to purchase a cup from her.

“Do you take personal checks, young lady,” he asked.

“With two forms of I.D. I sure do,” she answered.

With that, the young man wrote a check, showed his driver´s license and his work I.D. badge and received his $375 cup of lemonade.

He got back into his car and slowly sipped his $375 cup of lemonade. In an instant, he felt his lips burn. He felt his mouth burn. The pain was so unbearable; his soul burned.

He then spilled his $375 cup of lemonade on his leather seats. They too started to burn. Little holes starting to appear on the cow skin upholstery.

With all this commotion, he did not realize he was driving on the sidewalk. Nor did he realize his impending doom for he was barreling down on a tree and only saw it when it was too late.

A woman who was going for her routine walk also failed to see the same tree behind her but did notice the car in front of her about to erase her from the list of the living.

It was too late for both of them to do anything and their lives ended in the same instant.

The funny part of the story was that it was the dead woman’s idea for her daughter to charge $375 for a cup of lemonade.