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Stand Up Tragedian

13 Dec



A person who evokes emotions through comedy is a comedian. They use their words to paint images that, at least in their intent, are to make you laugh. It is a strange profession and a very difficult one as well. Carl was never funny but he was born to perform. Although he could not make people laugh, he a way of making people cry. He would not insult them. He would tell tragic tales. Usually true. Always about himself. He was a stand up tragedian.

He would warm the crowd up with tales of the irritation in his anus from the rubbing of giant hemorrhoids on the way to the club.  Then he would go into material about his cat, who was dying from feline leukemia. Then his closer was a story of how he tried visiting his grandmother at the hospital, minutes before her surgery. He was barred from the hospital parking lot and parked a fair distance away. By the time he had made it to her room she was already in surgery. The next day he got a call. She was dead. The crowd is usually totally in tears at this point. Most people say “It’s the way he tells the stories” usually followed by, “You have to see to it”.

Carl made a good living doing this. He even got to have relations with the occasional groupie. They were usually neurotic, drugged up to the gills, plus sized, middle aged women. But he didn’t care. Having sex with them gave him more material. There was one thing that always surprised the comedians in every town he traveled. He was a much more well adjusted human being than them.