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Tricky Cindy

10 May


2 man 1 woman

Cindy was a mild mannered, mostly jovial and self-described positive person. But one should never bring up the Lidman brothers in front of her. To this day, no one knows what trespasses Steve and Adam committed against her, but their sin must have been mortal because Cindy wanted nothing less than their destruction.

Over the course of a few weeks, she devised what she thought was a pretty good plan. She put it in motion by chatting them both up on a messenger over the internet. She started with small talk and light flirting that escalated to more raunchy conversation. The lewd chats led to exchanging nude photos. The culmination; dates were set for sexual encounters to take place.

When she was with Adam, she told him she was on the pill so they didn’t need to use protection. With Steve, she insisted on using condoms. Given that both men were engaged to be married, their secrecy was secured, even from one another. The affairs went on for three months until she acquired exactly what she wanted, a baby.

She told both men they were the father. They had mixed feelings about the news. On one hand, both were ecstatic they made life. They were both deeply religious men and to them all life was precious, especially life that they brought into existence. On the other hand, this could make their lives turbulent, to say the least and the guilt of betrayal was overwhelming. Neither professed love for Cindy, but both promised to provide for their new offspring.

Given that she was having unprotected sex with Adam, she knew he was the father, but she convinced Steve that he was the only man she had been with recently and furthermore, it was statistically possible to get pregnant even using condoms. He figured a DNA test would make waves and rock the boat of his otherwise dull and stable life. He gave her the benefit of the doubt. With the trap set, she was ready to spring it.

At the forth month of pregnancy, she went to Adam with grave news. She was going to abort his baby and move far away. The news devastated Adam. Besides this being one of the worst sins to his faith, he felt a piece of him was going to die as well. Cindy took extreme pleasure in watching him grovel and beg not to go through with it. She left him a heaping mess and drove off.

Now she set her sights on Steve. She was really going to have to move far away so Adam would believe the abortion story. She moved in with an Aunt in Florida under the guise that she would help the lonely elder woman and in turn receive help during her pregnancy.

She had the baby and made arrangements with Steve for gargantuan child support payments. They were sealed into a contract. The trap was sprung. She got her revenge on the Lidman brothers. Adam believed his unborn son was murdered, though he was actually alive and thriving and Steve was paying a small fortune every month for a child that was not his.

The Show Must Go On

1 May


Pamela worked for the reality television show Gotchya! The premise was simple. The producers would field requests from doubtful girlfriends to test the fidelity of their boyfriends. Pamela´s job was to be the bait. Pamela was a gorgeous woman. Even in real life she looked as though she was being photo shopped at any given moment. The show was a smash hit. Part of its success was the phenomenon that was Pamela. The other part was propensity for people to shut off their intellect and have their most base emotions tickled.

Pamela got her latest assignment. She was to seduce a young man named Ari. Ari was engaged and set to be married in a few months. His girlfriend was having unfounded suspicions, probably brought on by her own obsession with the program. Pamela´s intel told her that Ari liked to have a drink with his coworkers for around an hour every Wednesday after work. The sting was to go down in one month.

Pamela had a peculiar interest in this case. For one, Ari was an extremely handsome man. He had a fascinating background as well. He was a fighter in the Israeli special forces before coming to America and earning his business degree then MBA from a top school. Pamela poured over his files religiously after her mandatory two large glasses a wine every day. She could not get Ari out of her mind. She found herself mouthing his name randomly throughout the day.

The month passed and the set up was to go down the next day. Pamela was extraordinarily nervous. She could not sleep. She was confused by these feelings she was having. To make her job easier, she assumed the marks she was to set up were all cheating scum bags, guilty before proven innocent. She could not get into that mind set this time.

The day of the encounter, she took extra care in dolling herself up. Even the van driver took notice and told her that she was exceptionally beautiful that day. She shrugged off the compliments with a nervous smile. The bar had been previously wired for video and audio. The owner could not dream of turning down this free exposure on a hit TV show. She herself got wired up in the van. The producers noticed she was out of sorts. She convinced them it was nothing and was on her way.

As she sat down at the bar she immediately noticed Ari a few seats down. He was impeccably dressed as were the four gentlemen with him. “This looks like a goddamned Gucci perfume commercial” she thought to herself. As she normally did, she sent over a round of drinks. When the group of men asked who was the generous soul, the bar tender gave a nod in Pamela´s direction.

“My God!” said Mike, a handsome, single accounts manager. “I got this” he added with a smirk as he approached the beautiful woman.

“Thank you for the drinks, from all of us” Mike said.

“No problem” Pamela answered.

“You have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“No” she answered.

“Want one?” Mike asked, playfully.

“Sure, doesn´t every woman?” she flirted back. “I could see myself with the guy in the grey jacket and glasses” she smiled, referring to Ari.

“Oh, Ari? He´s taken. Gonna tie the knot soon”

“What a pity” she said adding “Well, maybe he and I could just have a little fun then. I won´t even be in town that long anyway”

“Good luck. Ari is so in love with his fiancé, I don´t even think he…..if you know what I mean” Mike said chuckling and he made a fist and moved his hand in an up and down fashion.

“We´ll see, could you call him over here, please?” she asked.

“Sure” Mike said as he whistled and motioned for Ari to come over.

“This young lady would like to say hi, Ari” Mike said before going back to the group.

“Hello, I´m Ari” he said.

“I know, Mike told me all about you. I´m Samantha” she said. She always used an alias for the show.

“Nice to meet you, thanks for the drink. I think I´m gonna get back to the group. Would you like to join us? A lot of shop talk but I am sure we can come up with another topic on your behalf” he said.

“No, I am only interested in one man at a time” she said, running her index finger down his chest.

“Oh, I´m very sorry. I am engaged. Did Mike tell you he´s single? He is a really good guy, too” Ari said.

“I am very good at keeping secrets. Besides, Mike is not my type, you are” she said, trying her best. This is the point where ninety percent of the marks melt. Ari was not budging. She could sense it.

“I´m sorry, I´m just, I mean, I´m not that guy. I love my fiancé” he said. He was so stoic, yet so empathetic for Pamela that it was making her crazy. Crazy for him.

“Are you sure? I won´t even be in town for long. I will be long and so will our little secret” she insisted.

A big smile flashed on Ari´s face “I am. I am very sure. But again, you can join us. Have a laugh with us. You don´t have to sit here alone.

“That´s ok. I was just leaving” she said. Pamela was crushed. Not because the mark didn´t take the bait. That has happened before and those shows were just as popular as the ones where the mark took the bait. She was personally crushed. She went out to the production van and told them it was a no go. The producers were thrilled. They told her they had enough footage and that this episode would be a smash hit. The hot, young successful businessman, faithful!

The production team wanted to shoot the reveal and get the parties involved to sign waivers so their likeliness could be shown on the program. Pamela refused to be part of the reveal. After some heated debate, the producers agreed to film the reveal without her.

That night Pamela could not sleep. She tossed and turned and Ari´s big smile kept flashing before her eyes. She could not get him off her mind. Around two in the morning and a bottle and a half of Merlot later she found herself calling Ari´s cell phone. When he answered, she hung up. She did this for half a dozen times. She forgot to block her number.

A half hour she received a call from Ari´s phone. She hesitated to answer. She had no idea what she was going to say. Finally she swiped right.

“Hello?” she said.

“Who is this? Why are you calling my boyfriend?” a woman´s voice asked.

A stroke of what Pamela thought was genius crossed her mind. “I´m Sarah. I served with Ari in the Israeli army. We used to hook up back then. I´ve been in town for the past four months and we have been hooking up almost every day since. For old times sake”

There was only a gasp from the other line. The phone hung up. “What did I just do?” Pamela asked herself.

Months went by and Pamela´s obsession subsided. So did the national scandal her actions caused. The scandal only made the show more popular, though. Pamela was made a host of the show. She became so famous that there was no way she could pull off a sting again. Pamela hired a private investigator to catch up on Ari. He was happily married.

One night, as she was halfway done with her second glass of wine there was a knock on her door. She thought it strange, the protocol for visitors in her building had the doorman call before sending a guest up. The knocking was insistent.

She opened the door. Two olive skinned men pushed their way in. “What is this” she gasped.

“Be quiet” one of them said with a thick accent as the other put a gloved hand over her mouth.

“This is for a friend” he said as he produced a silenced IMI 9mm Uzi.

Pamela didn´t hear or feel a thing.



Home Is For The Birds

28 Jul


Pilot and Skye had a beautiful home, high up in the trunk of a dead tree. A wood pecker hollowed out an already rotting part in search of a meal. He found what he was looking for and abandoned the site when the food ran out. It was  a perfect home for a young couple of swallows.

One day Pilot went out to look for some food. He gave Skye a kiss on the beak and went his way. He flew almost a full mile until he found a promising location. He looked around for a perch to assess the area. He saw a branch with a wide angle view of the ground below.

Already on the branch was a beautiful female swallow.  Pilot thought he should maybe find another branch but she waved him over with a wink.

“Hello” she said.

“Hello” Pilot said.

“Name´s Libi” she said.

“I´m Pilot” he said, blushing.

“That´s a strong name. Are you a strong bird?” Libi asked.

“Well, not really, I guess I can be” he answered. Libi stayed quite. She knew that silence can drive a male mad.

Pilot´s mind raced, searching for something to say, to break the deafening silence. All he could come up was, “Do you live close?”

“Close to what?” Libi giggled. Pilot blushed again. Libi leaned over and kissed him on the beak. An explosion of emotions rushed over Pilot. The thought that rose to the top was “What am I doing?”

Swallows are hard wired for monogamy. They take a mate for life. This went against thousands of years of evolution.

Pilot pulled away. “I cannot do this! I already have a female”

Libi said with a devilish look, “You do and you don´t now”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the moment you return home, your “ex” will smell my pheromones on you, so you don´t. But, you have me now” she said.

Pilot wanted to protest but he couldn´t. She was right. Dejected, Pilot asked “Where do you live?”

“I don´t have a home, dear” she answered. “You have to make one for us”

“Oh great…” Pilot thought.

Over the course of a week Pilot made a home just as good as the one he left.  Two days after, Libi kicked him out.

“I thought we were going to be together forever” Pilot said.

“That´s so old fashioned. That instinct must have passed over me” Libi said.

“What am I going to do?” Pilot cried.

“I don´t know. Do the same as the others. Go crawling back to your old home” Libi said.

“Others?” Pilot asked.

“Yeah, the others that I tricked into building me a house. I´m just going to flip it for some quick cash” Libi said.

Pilot wanted revenge but realized this would just get more of her pheromones on him. In fact, he was so busy working, he hadn´t had contact with Libi for days. He flew off to see if he could get his life back.

Till Death Do Us Part

9 Jul


Dan and Carol were together for many years. They fought a lot. Carol thought that Dan´s lack of ambition made him a loser and was vocal about this. Dan thought Carol was cold and incapable of loving anyone. Their fights were never over anything of substance. They just didn´t like the way the other talked. It was a very volatile relationship. One or the other giving an opinion on a current even could lead to a knock down drag out fight resulting in them not talking to one another for a week.
They finally came to a point where they had enough. The both agreed to go their seperate ways. They were able to remain friends for the most part, as long as their contact was short and far between. Dan felt a responsibility to Carol. He didn´t´feel she was truly capable of taking care of herself.
About one year after the break up Dan got a call from Carol. She was hysterical.
“Hello?” Dan answered confused. He knew it was her but was perplexed by the volley of sobs be thrown over the phone.
“I just got back from the doctor” she said.
Dan knew this was not going to be a pleasant call. Carol was a strong person. She rarely cried so he knew this was serious. “Do you want to talk?”
“Of course I do, stupid. That´s why I called” she said.
Dan was about to attack but pulled back. He realized she must be very upset about something. “Ok, then tell me”
“I have cancer. Very agressive cancer. I have to start chemotherapy immediately. The doctor thinks that will only buy me….” she trailed off.
“Oh my god that´s….” he was cut off.
“Months. The chemo will only buy me a few months. I´m going to die” Carol said.
There was silence. Dan had no idea what to say to this. “Can I see you?” he asked.
“Sure. Let´s have dinner tonight” she answered, her sobs coming under control.
That night they met at their favorite restaurant. Carol gave Dan more details about the doctor visit. Carol decided that she was going to forget about the diagnosis, just for the night. She was going to throw caution to the wind. She ordered a bottle of wine. Then another, then another. Although Dan was not comfortable with that but he understood and after the first bottle his level of comfort grew.
They paid the bill and made their ways to their respective cars. In the parking lot Carol turned to Dan and said “Come home with me. I cannot be alone tonight” Dan obliged. He got in his car and followed her home.
They made love that night for the first time in over a year. It was like the first time only better. Carol asked Dan to move in with her. She would need him as the chemo sapped her strength. Dan was weary about this. In the back of his head, even though he was ashamed to admit it, he knew she would not be here too much longer so there was a way out. He did still love her after all and she needed his help so he agreed.
The fighting started almost immediately. Carol complained about the things Dan brought from his apartment. Daily she would remind him how much of a pig she thought he was, she insulted the food he prepared for her and would frequently threaten to kick him out if he didn´t stop fighting with her.
Dan pushed through it. He knew she needed him. He knew of her limitations and again, he knew this was not permanent. Three months in, Carol´s health deterioted rapidly. She lost so much weight that Dan was afraid of breaking her when he put her in bed. She asked him to marry her because she did not want to die single. Dan agreed. They had a minister come to the house to perform the ceremony. It was official, they were married.
Around the sixth month a remarkable thing happened. Carol started to gain weight. Her skin started to look healthy and resumed its normal color. The life was coming back into her eyes. With this new life came more ire thrown Dan´s way.
Each month Carol´s health improved. Her blood exams were confirming what the eye could see. She was getting better. At the one year mark, the doctor told her she could stop chemo. The cancer was completely contained and could possibly go into remission.
Dan thought that with this rebirth maybe Carol would change. He was now contractually obligated to be with her, after all. He was horrified of the thought of giving Carol half of his considerable assets after having nursed her back to health over the past year. He would have to make this work.
A few tortuous months passed. To Dan they felt like an eternity. How did he ever get himself into this situation? He asked himself this every day. One day Carol came home with a grave expression on her face. She told Dan they needed to talk. She informed him that she was seeing another man. It was serious. She was going to divorce him, leave him the apartment and not ask for a dime from him. Everybody involved lived happily ever after.

Half Assed

18 Jan


Martha dreaded Saturday mornings. It was the time when she had to clean the house. It reminded her of everything that was wrong with her life. Why couldn´t she had married a guy with the means to contract a housekeeper? Why did she have to live in such a shabby house? Why was her body giving out on her at such a relatively young age? Just bending over to sweep dirt onto the dust pan gave her pains in the back. Pains that as of late have been ever so increasing.

One Saturday morning, Martha decided that she would do a half assed cleaning job but double down the next week. The next week came and she did another half assed job. After a few months of half assed Saturday cleanings, her poor performance started to show and this raised some concerns from her husband, Merrill.

One day Merrill brought his dissatisfaction to Martha´s attention. “Honey” he started “the house is starting to look like a pig pen. What´s going on?”

Martha steamed. She took it as a personal attack. “What do you mean a pig pen? You see me cleaning every goddamn Saturday morning don´t you?” she shot back.

“Honey, calm down. I´m just saying, the line around the bath tub has been getting darker and darker and the toilet has that awful ring around it” he said, carefully monitoring her reaction. She didn´t look too stable.

“You know where the supplies are” she snarled. “Clean it your damn self”

“Listen, I don´t want to fight here, love. It´s just that you decided that you didn´t want to work and part of the deal was, I pay the bills and you keep the house up” Merrill said, regretting terribly that he had breached the subject.

“Well, mister money bags. Bringing home the bacon. Keeping us is luxury in this piece of shit house!” she screamed, spit flying from the corners of her mouth. “Peggy has a house cleaner come twice a week!”

Merrill felt rather hurt but he held his composure. “Yes, well Peggy´s husband earns a considerable bit more than I and furthermore, Peggy brings home a little extra with her crafts on E-bay”

This flew Martha into an even bigger rage, “So why don´t you marry Peggy if she´s such a better wife? I´ve seen the way you two look at each other. Probably got something going on for years! Don´t you?”

“Of course not!” Merrill answered though not being completely honest. “Let´s just drop this. I am sorry I brought it up. Hey, how about if I help you today”

“I´m not cleaning shit today! You do it all by yourself” Martha was sobbing uncontrollably. She had a strange distant look in her eyes and they were a little glassy. As she made her way to the front door she even stumbled a little. She slammed the front door, then the car door, then she was off. To where, Merrill had no idea but he decided to clean the house anyway just to smooth things over.

As he was vacuuming the hall carpet, the vacuum cleaner bumped into the air vent grate and it simply popped off. “That´s odd” Merrill thought. It should be held on by two screws. He looked and looked for the screws but they were nowhere to be found. He was crawling around on his hands and knees when he noticed a cigar boxed purposely put in the air vent that was now without its grate. He pulled it out.

When he opened it up a wave of horror and surprised washed over him. There was an array of prescription bottles all with warnings to not operate machinery and addiction cautions. Some were empty, some were half full. There were colorful pills in little baggies with no description. Merrill dropped the box on the floor as if it were too hot to hold.

Merrill was not a man of conflict. He avoided it at all costs. He slowly picked the box and its contents up and put it back into the air vent and carefully placed the grate back over the hole.

As he Googled “divorce attorneys” he thought to himself, “Well that explains a lot”

Serfs Up!

7 Feb



Merek was a serf that lived in what is today a suburb of Munster, Germany. He was tied to an estate owned by Lord Althalos where he had to work the land and hand over around 25 percent of what he produced. If you look at today´s tax rates, that´s not so bad, but it is beside the point. Merek was married to the beautiful Ryia. She was one of the most beautiful serfs in all the land. Her beauty transcended her poverty in a way that female beauty has a tendency of doing.

But like most men, 5 years after taking the nuptial nose dive, Merek grew tired of performing his husbandly duties with Ryia and his eyes grew for Duraina, the wife of his boss and essentially owner, Althalos. Merek knew that the feeling was mutual. Many hints were given. At the same time, there was a lot of social upheaval going on. They didn´t know it at the time, but the end of an epoch was upon them and the birth of another was awaking. Serfs were breaking their chains and going onto other fiefdoms in search of better conditions. In the way Merek was tired of making love to Ryia, he was tired of making such low wages.

He was being courted by the land owner Xalvador who was not only offering a more fertile land to work, but would ask for a lower percentage of the yield making the deal extremely attractive. Merek not only wanted to go to Xalvador´s land, but he wanted to do so alone. He knew what he would have to do. Althalos would never let him go and neither would Ryia without a really good reason. Merek thought he knew what would motivate them to let him move along.

Summer came and went and autumn gave way to a brutal winter. Spring offered much relief. As the land was thawing and Merek was preparing his tools to work the land a messenger came on horseback.

“Merek, you presence is being demanded in Lord Althalos’ main quarters” the messenger said gravely.

Merek prepared a snack for the day long journey, gave a kiss on the cheek to Ryia and was on his way.

He was met at the front door by Althalos who was red in the face from drink and rage.

“You bastard, lowly serf!” Althalos said. “I should have you burned at the stake!”

“Whatever is this all about, my lord?” Merek asked, faking ignorance.

“My eyes are blue and my hair, golden blond! The baby…well the baby has black peasant eyes and the dark locks of poverty!” Althalos was stumbling as he spoke. “You are to get off my land by sunset or you shall meet they maker”

“I am sure you are mistaken, my lord, but as you wish” Merek said, faking concern.

“As you wish” Merek thought to himself and had to turn his back quickly as to hide his grin. Both his feudal boss and faithful wife never wanted to see him again.

Happy Birthday!

5 Dec

Angel of Orgasm


“Did you ever imagine what triggers an orgasm?” Jake asked as he took pulled his face inches away from Ashley`s between kisses.

“I like to believe that they are little explosions ignited by angels” Ashley answered.

“Good answer” he whispered as his mouth went back to hers.

All of a sudden there was a loud “What the fuck” heard in the background and the door flew open with a crash.

“Bill, what are you doing here?” Ashley asked.

“What the fuck are you doing there?” Bill asked right back.

Jake saw that he was giving up at least fifty pounds to Bill, mostly in the form of muscle, panicked and went for the window.

“Oh no you don’t you little shit!” Bill said. He crossed the room with surprising speed and agility for a man of his size. His large, strong hand crashed down on Jake’s bare shoulder pulling him back into the room. “You ain’t going nowhere” he said. With a twist of pleasure in his voice he said  “Your mine”

Jake was trembling. His knees felt weak. He could barely stand on his own. He collapsed into a ball of naked, bony flesh and meticulously messy hair.

Bill stood over him and started undoing his pants. Ashley screamed very unconvincingly “No, don’t do it Bill”

“This here little feller likes to fuck married people, then he’s gonna fuck married people”

Bill took out his lustful rage on Jake for three full minutes until angels detonated his orgasm.

Bill then went rooting through his pants looking for his cigarettes.  When he found them he offered one to Jake and said “No hard feelings there, little feller?” Jake just stared into nothingness. He looked catatonic.

Ashley then said to Bill “Happy Birthday honey! I knew you’d like him. He’s got that spikey hair you like so much”

“Ah, love, you sure do know me” he said as he took a long pull on his cigarette.

Jane loved Dick

28 Jul

*Note from the author, though this is categorized as adult and despite the suggestive title, this work is not crude pornography. It may be crude, but it is not pornography. Thank you.

Jane loved Dick the way an addict loves their drug of choice. It was not a healthy love. Much like the addict knows what they are doing will not end well, Jane knew this too. But Jane created Dick in her mind before he ever spoke a word. When she saw him, like what she saw and created the human behind the good looks. Jane didn’t know Dick.

Dick loved Jane like a person loves a warm place to go in the wintertime to escape the cold. That’s all Jane was to Dick. A warm place to go. Dick was a loser. He never held a steady job for more than a couple years and when he was working he didn’t make much money. He was restless and never really knew what he wanted in life. He bought cheap guitar and dreamt of performing it on stage in front of screaming crowds but he never even practiced. The problem was he never dedicated himself to anything. He didn’t realize you have to work at things to get good. He was good looking so life came easy to him. People always praised his mediocrity as though it was greatness so he felt he was great. He never loved anybody but himself. When he told Jane he loved her he was really talking to himself. Because Jane gushed love on him he saw her as weak.

Jane had serious bouts with manic depression. The mood swings lasted months. She came from money so that protected against the lows. She was able to get by in a respected state college so she was able to obtain good jobs during the manic periods. She lost them during the low ones. She met Dick in a state required anger management class. She was there for hitting a boss one day when he told her that she was dressing inappropriately. Dick was there because of a drunken bar fight. Dick wasn’t a fighter unless he had the sauce in him which was often.

For Jane the obsession was immediate. She saw this handsome guy sitting across from her in her group therapy session. He was stylishly dressed, though in cheap clothes and had a swagger about him. She wanted him. Their eyes met from opposite ends of the semi-circle they were sitting in. Dick asked Jane out for a drink after the group dispersed and a relationship was born.

A three month whirlwind romance ended up in a simple marriage performed by a justice of the peace.  Jane felt complete and Dick felt trapped, yet comfortable. He thought it was a just a little better than prison, three squares, a roof over his and money in his pocket.

After six months of playing house Dick’s eyes and other parts already started to wander. Jane was in a manic mood so she was gainfully employed by a financial firm downtown.  Dick wasn’t working.

One night Dick came bumbling through the front door with his head down as to not let Jane see that his eyes were red from smoking weed on the corner with his so called friends. Being high in front of sober people always made him fell dirty.

“Dick, you’re not high again are you?” she asked.

“Just a little.”

“Why do you act like you’re all ashamed or something when you’re high. You always keep your head down and don’t look at me. You know I don’t even care.  What’s that all about?”

“I dunno.” He was hoping the questions would end soon because he could not think strait. He didn’t smoke a little. That was a lie. He smoked a lot. The dirty feeling increased when he could not give coherent answers to simple questions.  He was very uncomfortable right now. He knew he should have stayed on the corner with the guys. But Jasmine was coming and he didn’t want her to see him this burnt. He would rather expose this side of himself to Jane than to Jasmine.  With Jasmine he had what he thought were real feelings. She was much more like him so the love projected into her that was really towards himself was stronger.

After a strained silence Jane said “You know honey. I heard that Frank and Sandra in Apartment 245 are splitting up. Apparently Frank was banging the Mexican girl that cleans the house. Sandra found a condom under the covers near the foot of the bed. Frank admitted everything. Sandra is devastated. She loves Frank.” She was looking into nothingness and asked “Did you know anything about this.” The question was innocent. She was just gossiping and not accusing Dick of knowing anything but it caught Dick of guard.

“Naw. I didn’t know that Frank was getting down like that.” That was a lie. He knew. He knew sordid details. He knew that girl was a third input girl. He knew that she; in the throes of passion would say things in Spanish and that Frank would cum gushing explosions to the exotic words coming from her mouth. He knew that…..well, he knew. Dick was even planning on convincing Jane to hire the girl to clean their apartment. What Jane said next shocked him. Shocked him even through his weed induced stupor.

“I think Sandra should have acted like she knew nothing. Let the girl come do the weekly cleaning. Then when she arrived, I don’t know, hit her on the head with something…”


“I’m not finished, let me finish.” Her tone got dead serious. She was not talking to Dick but to the ether. Her face changed. She looked different. “Then I would tie her up on a chair next to Frank. Oh yeah, Frank would already be tied up, I would have got him while he was still sleeping. Then I would cut Frank’s dick off. I’m not sure how. Knife? Scissors? That’s not the point. Then I would shove it down the little Spic’s throat as far as I could. You know Frank’s got a big one, Sandra told me.” Dick nodded. He had heard. “Then I would pinch her nose as to not let her breath. With my two little fingers I would slowly take her life away…”

Dick’s drugged out mind was spinning. He thought of Jane as this sweet pliable little thing. After hearing these words and seeing the severity in her eyes and her twisted face when she said them, Dick’s image of the little push over Jane changed.  Now he started to go over in his mind all the shit he has been pulling off behind Jane’s back. If she was saying this, was she capable of doing it? Seeing the look in her eyes he didn’t have many doubts.

“Is something wrong, dear? You have a strange look on your face”. Jane asked.

“Naw, I’m just a little smoked out. That’s all.”

She continued “But Frank. What to do about Frank? After all, the little whore was just after some dick. Maybe the dumb little bitch thought there was a possible Green card in it. But Frank, he knew he was fucking with someone’s heart. Him and Sandra are married seven years.” She paused “SEVEN YEARS!” Dick was almost sober now; his high came crashing down with the transformation of his meek little wife.  She continued “Well, Frank would probably die from the loss of blood soon, because of the loped off cock and all, so I wouldn’t have a lot of time to work. I couldn’t let the bastard off that easy. Dying from blood loss is too easy. Too easy for a piece of shit like that.” Jane rarely used foul language.  “You know, I’m not sure what I’d do next. What do you think, honey? How could I make him hurt before he dies?”

Dick was stunned by the question. His face showed a little fear. He hesitated too long for Jane’s liking and she said “What, you think I’m crazy. You don’t think Frank should pay for his sins?”

“Uh, well, not like that. Maybe Sandra could, like, take him to the cleaners, you know? He’s got a little dough in the bank. She could get like a lawyer and just take his money and she could just live her life.” He was stammering.

“No.” She paused and her face returned to quasi normalcy. “No one can live their life after something like that happens.” She sat quietly now just thinking. Dick stood stupidly in the doorway scrambling for something to say. He came up with “Well you ain’t got to worry about shit like that with me.” He lied “I love you too much to fuck around on you.”

She said “I better not have to worry.” She paused. “No, I mean, I know I don’t have to worry” Then she added “I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m gonna hit the hay. I’m kinda tired. You wanna go to bed?”

“Yeah, I have to wake up early tomorrow. There’s a meeting at the other office.”

As they crawled into bed Jane started to kiss Dick. “You it’s been a while.” She said.

At first Dick’s mind was elsewhere. Was this fantasy that she just told him a warning? Does she know something? As her deft mouth started kissing down his chest his mind came back into focus. The kisses felt good. As she made her way past the treasure trail of pubic hairs just north of his manhood he started imagining that Jane was the little Mexican girl. That night Jane made love to the idea Dick that she had created and Dick made love to the little Mexican girl. Their relationship changed forever that night.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *

After a session of rough sex, Dick and Jasmine lay on the bed, sweaty and staring up at the once white now slightly yellow ceiling.

“I have a job interview on Monday, Dick, isn’t that great?” Jasmine said.

“Yeah?” he replied. Dick generally didn’t pay attention to anything that didn’t grasp one of his primal senses. This comment didn’t, so he was paying much attention.

“Yeah, it’s for a good financial firm in the city. Finally Dick, I might have some steady income and we can get out of this dump. You can leave that bitch wife of yours and you can come with me. We could, like, get a cute little apartment in the city. It’ll be great.”

“Yeah, great.” He said. Again, he wasn’t paying much heed to what she was saying.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *

It was a sunny Monday morning as Jane and Jasmine stepped out of their front doors. And the sun was shining real bright as they climbed onto the exact same train heading into the city. They sat two cars apart. The train arrived in the city and Jane climbed up to her office and Jasmine ducked into a deli for a cup of coffee and to practice her interview questions that she printed out from the internet.

At 10:00am sharp Jasmine was sitting in the reception area waiting for her interviewer. The door opened and a well shaped and well dressed women came walking towards her with an outstretched hand.

“My name is Jane, nice to meet you.”

“Very nice to meet you, Jane, my name is Jasmine.”

“Please, come into my office so we can talk.”


The usual questions were asked and the interview lasted for 45 minutes. Jane really liked Jasmine and Jasmine like Jane. Jane felt that Jasmine’s prospects of being hired were quite good.

“Come to this side of my desk, there is something on the company web-site I want to show you. My monitor can’t swivel enough for you to see it from there.” Jane said.

“Sure.” Jasmine answered.

As Jasmine turned the corner of Jane’s long glass top desk she saw something that gave her a start. Her faced must have showed it because Jane asked “What’s the matter, you’ve never seen a desk this messy before?” she said playfully.

What gave her the start was a picture of Dick and Jane taken on their honeymoon in a sleek modern frame. Jasmine always knew that Jane existed. But she asked few questions and Dick offered even less information. She didn’t even know Jane’s last name. Now she did. Now she had to think of something quick. She knew she displayed shock on her face but she surely couldn’t tell Jane why.

“No, I was just admiring your desk.”

Jane’s bullshit detector went off. She casually took her eyes from Jasmine’s face to follow the trail of her stare. It led right to the picture for Jasmine never took her eyes off it. “Why is she looking at that picture wearing that face? And why the lie about the desk?” Jane thought. She momentarily pushed it out of her mind.

She went to the company website and showed Jasmine what is was she wanted to show her. Jasmine was now acting differently. She was aloof. They ended the interview with niceties and Jasmine left Jane’s office. Jane knew that something happened.  She looked at the address on Jasmine’s resume and saw that they were practically neighbors. Jane got to thinking.

Jasmine went to the ladies room and cried. This was the moment she knew she was in love with Dick.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *

As Jane cleared the dinner plates from the she turned her head to Dick and asked “You know almost everybody who lives in a two mile radius of our house, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much” he said.

“You ever heard of a Jasmine who lives on Spring Street?”

A pang of fear flashed behind Dick’s eyes. It showed. “Uh, I don’t think so” he stammered.

“But you know everybody. You don’t do shit with your life but hang around the block with all them losers, smoking and drinking.” Her tone was mean and condescending.

“Yeah, but I never heard of any Jasmine.” He said. His cell phone rang. The caller I.D. lied and said Ray. Dick was frozen in his chair. “I told her never to call” he thought.

“Who is that, dear?”

He looked at the caller I.D. “Ah, it’s just Ray.”

“Who’s Ray, dear?  I never heard you talk about any Ray. Is he a business associate?” She said facetiously.

“Just a guy I know.”

“Well, aren’t you going to answer it?”

“Nah, it ain’t that important.” He was hoping with all his might the incessant ring tone would die off.

“Answer the fucking phone, Dick!” she said.

He nervously flipped open the phone. “Yo, Ray, I can’t talk right now.” A feminine voice was speaking on the other line until Dick closed the phone and placed it on the table.

Jane was staring right through Dick. “Why couldn’t you talk, Dick?”

“We’re like in the middle of something here.”

“No we weren’t, Dick. So, Dick, Ray is a woman?”

“Nah, he’s a guy that new to the neighborhood” Dick was cut off by Jane screaming “Stop fucking lying to me. I heard the voice. It was a woman. Why are you lying to me?” She picked up a large knife and walked towards Dick and repeated “Why are you lying to me?”

Dick scrambled to his feet, knocking over his chair. “I’m not lying to you, I swear. What are you going to do with that knife?”

“Get the fuck out of my house, Dick. Now!”

Dick burst through the small room that leads to the front door, fumbled to get it open and with that he was gone. Jane heard his heavy frantic footsteps running down the stairs. She went to the window that looks down upon the street and saw Dick running towards Spring Street. She pulled out the business card that she had scratched Jasmine’s address on.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *

Jasmine heard panicked pounding on her door. She looked through the peep hole and saw Dick hitting the door as if he thought he could he could make a hole in it with his fist to jump through.

Jasmine undid the puzzle of locks and let Dick in. “What was that Ray bullshit about?” she asked.

Dick was out of breath “I told you never to call me.  Jesus fucking Christ, I’m fucked.”

“What are you talking about? You said you’d be at the bar by seven. I just wanted to see you to tell you what happened today.”

“Jane got home later than usual and she made us have dinner together.” He paused to catch his breath. “ Look, Jane started asking if I ever heard of you. I said no, but it was like she didn’t believe me. Then, you called. I have you as Ray in my phone so if she gets to snooping around she won’t think anything about it. But she heard your voice. Then, she came at me with a knife and told me to get the fuck out the house.”

“She knows you came here?”

“How the fuck would I know?”

“Look, Dick, this is what I wanted to tell you. Remember I told you I had an interview today?”

Dick lied “Yeah, I remember.”

“It was with your wife!”

Dick’s eyes opened so wide he thought they’d fall out. He saw his comfortable stability crumbling around him. “What the fuck you do? You tell her about us or something? Cuz she knows! I swear to God, she knows.”

“No, I didn’t say anything but when I saw a picture of you two on her desk I guess I started to act a little weird. I just couldn’t help it. See you two together…”

“Shit.” He said.

“Look, let’s just get out of here. For good. I have family in Florida. We could start over clean. Together, they way we talked about sometimes. You know I don’t even like it here. Never have.” The notion of leaving the city and going to a new place made her happy. Jasmine liked new starts. She has made so many of them.

“You know I ain’t got shit, right. No money, no credit cards, nothing. And I can’t even go back to the house and get any of my stuff.”

“Why not, it’s yours!”

“I think Jane is crazy. She told me once about a neighbor who was cheating on his wife. She described what she would do to him and, fuck, she was dead serious. Her face changed and shit like in the movies.”

“But I met her today. I can’t picture her being able to do much.”

“She can. And if given the chance I think she would. She’s got another side I ain’t never seen in nobody.”

“Well, look. I have some money put away. Enough to buy plane tickets and get you some clothes. Nothing fancy, but enough to hold you over until you start working.”

“We got to do this soon because I don’t have a good feeling about any of this.”

“You know, it’s better any way. My lease is up in a few days and I can get the deposit money back.”

“All the extra cash will help.”

“You know something, Dick? I love you.”

Dick felt uneasiness in his stomach. He was being trapped again by another one. He lied “I love you too.”

*             *             *             *             *             *             *

Jane sat in the kitchen staring at the wall. Behind her placid face her mind was anything but. She had no control over her thoughts. Blood. Blood would clean this mess she thought. Jane was relieved by this thought. Just imaging Dick’s spilt blood calmed her, even intoxicated her. She felt gay. She skipped into the bedroom and retrieved a dusty shoe box from the depths of her closet. She blew the dust off the lid and opened it up. There lay a Grendel .380 auto that her father had given to her for protection before moving into the city. Daddy loves me she thought. She struggled to remember her father’s instructions on how to use the thing. Insert the clip full of bullets into the opening in the handle and push until it clicks. Then pull back the metal part on top all the way back and let it go. There. On projectile of death was awaiting his orders from the trigger and eight more that couldn’t wait to follow. Jane put the gun in her purse along with a few other items and went off towards Spring Street. She had a grin from ear to ear. Between the streaked make-up from crying and the gleeful look in her eyes she looked like a demented clown.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

Dick is completely propelled through life by his natural urges and impulsive behavior. Less than one hour ago his married life practically ended with his wife chasing him out of the house with a knife. Now, he was sitting on the toilet with his head thrown back in ecstasy while Jasmine’s large wet lips pleasured the part of him that does most of the thinking. Dick felt the eruption coming and as his toes curled and his eyes went into the back of his head the door of the bathroom was kicked in.

A demented clown stood above the degrading love scene taking place on the toilet. Jane was outside of her mind. She was watching the whole scene from behind a distorted camera lense.

“Sorry to interrupt, the front door was open so I let myself in.” She had the gun pointed at Dick and Jasmine.

“Mmmmm, that looks good, mind if I have some.” While still training the gun on Jasmine’s head she took Dick’s member in her hand. She squeezed tight. “So, I wasn’t enough for you, huh? Because I’m not a little whore that would suck your cock while you’re on the toilet?” She squeezed tighter, yet. “I can be a little whore.” Dick looked deep into Jane’s eyes but Jane wasn’t there.  While Dick and Jane were locked at the eyes Jasmine went for the gun. The gun fell from Jane’s hand. In the dimly lit bathroom it was hard to see what was going on. There was a scramble for the gun.  First Jane had it, then Jasmine. Dick just sat on the toilet, naked and dumbfounded. Jasmine ended up with the gun and had it pointed at Jane.

Jane leaned against the wall and slowly went to the floor. She was whimpering.

“Call the police, Dick.” Jasmine said. Dick didn’t move.

She repeated “Call the police, now.” Dick still didn’t move. He was in a trance. All he kept thinking about was how he drove this women, a good woman who he knows loved him and took care of him, to this point. He felt sick. He hated himself. He needed to fix everything.

“Snap the fuck out of it and call the police” Jasmine said.

Dick slowly stood up. He legs were weak. He took the gun out of Jasmines hand. He looked at Jane and whispered “Sorry.” He looked at Jasmine and said the same. He then put the gun to his temple as he had seen in the movies many times and pulled the trigger. The hollow point tipped bullet responded with a loud bang. It first broke the skin of the temple and as it penetrated the skull the metal that encases the lead center peeled back like a banana as it tore through his brain. All of this took place over an eternity for Dick. For Jane and Jasmine, Dick hit the floor with a naked thud before they could even compute what he was doing.