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21 Aug

She entered the pool.

She made a splash.

Now I am all wet.

I do not know what to do.

I am all wet. Soggy.

I do not want to dry off.

I want to stay here. Dripping. Forever.

Forever shivering.

With the cold wetness she gives me.

Dripping with the sweet water of her.

Wet. Forever.

*Note from the author:  This bad poem converted a girlfriend into a wife. My unrelenting awesomeness made her an ex.


14 Aug


There is no beginning and there is no end.

There is only expansion.

The beginning is when the matter is the most dense it will ever be. Time stretches all matter into the finished product.

A baby does not grow old. It expands into death.

Eventually expansion leads to unsustainable instability. This is how the end comes. The end is when the original subject has no more substance to stretch out.

Energy drives the expansion.

Seeking the Waterfall

13 Aug

How does one blaze a trail through a forest without proper shoes?

My feet are raw from being bare on untread trails.

If only I had a pair of wings, I could fly above the trees and not feel the sharp pain

under my feet as I try to find the waterfall.

The funny part is that I can hear the rushing water, but it still alludes me.

I should really learn to accept help along the way but I really want to find it by myself.

Then again, I may just be a moron.

Love Park

7 Aug



Every day it must happen

The sun sets on Love

The last desperate screaming gleams of light

Lifeless office buildings surrounding the scene

People completely blind to the struggle of Love

Shrill cackles of delight despite it all

People coming home to sleep by Love

With the blowing wind, Love gets cold and wet

Love is always there when the sun sets

Good thing it is still there when the sun rises