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Change of Scenery

3 Sep

Despite what is said, a change of scenery is not such a big deal for it is seen by the same eyes.

The images are processed and analyzed by the same brain that has been molded by the same experiences and same chemical reactions.

Do we ever see anything new?

Or, do we see the same things, over and over again coming to the same conclusions as if our mind is on cosmic auto pilot?

If one goes to Antarctica, do they not feel the same cold once felt in another instance, though perhaps a bit harsher?

If one travels to say, South America, do they not see the same human conditions seen once before in their own land with a few exaggerations here and there but unable to see the truth for they are looking through the prism of their own prior experiences?

It is unwise to simply take one’s word for. Not even your own.


1 Aug


What is worth holding onto? What makes someone better than someone else? What makes someone prolific? What was the question? What drives life forward? What is the ultimate end? What keeps everybody from quitting considering the futility of it all? What keeps God so silent? What keeps up seeking His word? What is a justifiable want? What is beauty? What is power? What coerces the sun up every day and what scares it away every night? What is this pain? What will make it go away? What is your plan? What if you couldn´t make any more questions?