Unwanted Wants Pt. II

11 Dec

Move. Cardboard boxes in empty room corner.

Please read Unwanted Wants Pt. 1

As Justin passed by, with boxes in hand, Suzy looked down at her phone. The text from Amanda simply read “You didn´t?!” Suzy didn´t even respond. She simply smiled and put it down.

“Need any help?” Suzy asked.

“I think I´m good” Justin answered.

“You have much more stuff?” she asked.

“This is it” Justin answered.

Suzy found it a little odd that a grown man had so few possessions. The sum of all of Justin´s things fit into two elevator rides. Suzy brushed it off. “He must be a free spirit” she thought to herself.

“Hey Suzy, can you come in here for a bit?” Justin asked.

“Sure” she said as she entered the room. Suzy´s eye almost bugged out of her head. Justin had his shirt off and she couldn´t help but like what she saw.

“Suzy, my lower back is killing me. I hurt it playing football in college. If I do anything physical it really flairs up. The only thing that helps is this cream” he said as he passed a tube to her. “Could you rub some on?”

“Sure” she said with a stammer. Her eyes were flying all over the place as not to betray the flood of lust washing over her. Justin put the tube of cream into Suzy´s slightly trembling hand. Justin smirked internally. Suzy was exactly who, or better yet, what, he thought she was.

As Suzy transferred the cream from the tips of her fingers to the tissue of Justin´s lower back she thought “Oh no, what am I doing? Not again”

(To be continued)

Read Pt. III

5 Responses to “Unwanted Wants Pt. II”

  1. Eric Tonningsen December 11, 2018 at 10:49 pm #

    Lust. What can one say. A predictable reaction for many, right? You’ve pegged a sizable segment of we humans, Ryan. Well captured.

    • Ryan December 11, 2018 at 11:54 pm #

      Thanks Eric! I’ve been a knowing victim and not been able to stop forward momentum set upon by lust.

  2. Eric Tonningsen December 12, 2018 at 1:21 am #

    You’re human. 🙂


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