18 Aug

Everybody knows what happens at the end of the life cycle of an ice cube. It does not die. It just retreats closer to the ground. It becomes not a different thing; it is indeed the same thing just in a different state.

If we can concur on the above, then it is true that the same is true for a cat. At the end of its life cycle, its matter retreats to the ground. A different kind of melting occurs. Some things are created, such as foul odors. However, are these odors truly created? Do they not exist the whole time only being released upon the animal’s biological demise?

These are the type of thoughts that helped Brad justify his odd hobby. He thought to himself, he is not just taking life, he is putting it back into the ground from which it came. He was like a social vulture but instead of waiting for his clean up job to die before commencing, he would just go ahead and clean up. He would take messes, deep into the woods, retire them to freshly dug holes, spread lime, cover up said mess and go home to have supper.

Society does not seem to agree with Brad so he must sit in a cage for the rest of his natural life and many more for his sentence far exceeds the years of the average human life.

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